Lori Creek started as an acoustic folk rock duo, formed in Valdosta, Georgia in 2011 by Jason and Jessie before relocating to the Tidewater area of Virginia in late summer of 2012. What began as a quick cash grab to earn some extra money for their impending move, quickly evolved into a songwriting team that blended elements of folk, rock, punk and country, that resulted in an original blend of americana rock with a live show that features an (often very dark) sense of humor. Simply put, your mother likely will not approve. 



Over the last 8 years, they have carved out paths running through multiple music scenes and feel perfectly at home sharing the stage with any act. From the quietest, intimate acoustic show to the most violent of metal shows, Lori Creek is fucking fearless.

During the spring of 2019, Jason and Jessie started making plans to put a full band together to expand their sound and satisfy their ever-changing sonic and artistic vision.  By the beginning of 2020, with the help of Jay Morgan (The Electric Fuzz Band, Pufferfishe), Nick Greene (Autopsy Affair) and Eric Tally (Pufferfishe), Lori Creek and The Dapper Damned was born.

There's a fire waitin’ below.

 Eric Talley has been playing drums and percussion for almost 40 years. He started playing at the age of nine. Drawing on a wide variety of musical backgrounds and interest his eclectic style combines traditional and modern drumming techniques to create a unique sound all his own.

He is Nick Greene. He hails from the dirty swamp beds of Tuckahoe Creek in Richmond, VA. His influences include The Melvins, Dead Kennedys, Black Sabbath, Morphine and Hank Williams Sr.

He is also playing with Autopsy Affair. The Creek beds will be overflowing and running with the blood of the dead!

Jbird is a Ptowne native drenched in sonic flavors from all over this big ‘ol world. As a songwriter, singer, and guitar player, his works are sprinkled with R&B, blues, jazz, and psychedelic investigations of the 4th kind.  Upon returning to USA #1 Jay stumbled onto the golden shores of Lori Creek from Valdosta, GA playing lead guitar to round out the raw Americana sound they are noted for.

The Lori Creek Family

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Tornado Bait

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